My Story

Therese was born and raised in country NSW and studied teaching at Newcastle College of Advanced Education. After teaching and working in the Public Service for many years in Canberra, she realised that her passion was always in the home.  ‘The best feeling is coming home to spaces that are both beautiful and functional and yet, is yours’.

Therese graduated from Canberra Institute of Technology In 2006 with a Diploma in Interior Decoration and is an Associate Member of the Design Institute of Australia.

Whilst holidaying in the UK, France and Italy, she admired and appreciated the architecture, history and culture that comprised these places. 

Incite Interiors specialises in working with you, the client, in renovating residential spaces by creating the style and functionality that reflects the owner’s character and needs. A variety of materials, textures and colours are used to suite the individual client. Satisfaction is attained by seeing the joy on clients’ faces as they are so happy with the spaces that they have jointly created. Let Incite Interiors inspire you, find your style and deliver interiors that are you. 

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